About LCCT

LCCT is a charity made up of individual initiatives working together for the good of the city. As individual projects working on specific issues, in specific places, or with specific groups of people, we have joined together as one charity in order to share resources, recognising that we are part of a bigger picture of transformation in the city of Leeds.


Through this site you can find out more about our collective vision, mission and values, as well as links to the individual projects that are part of LCCT. You can also find out what LCCT can offer you and how you can get involved. Individual and project members of LCCT can also use the site to access information and resources.


We hope that you can find the information you are looking for. If you can’t please feel free to get in touch through the details on the contact page.

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Breaking dependency and developing assets


Breaking dependency and developing assets – Principles of an Enabling Community

How can you create an enabling community – where everyone has the opportunity to join in and bring their own experiences and gifts to the table?

Social deprivation, loneliness, a lack of awareness for disability, low-income households – these are all issues affecting people in communities throughout the UK. So how should we respond? Delivering community-focused services do play an essential role in our society – but sometimes taking a service based approach to need, can only go so far. It can create a mind-set of delivery and receipt – rather than participation and change.

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Community Shares - What are they, and how could they work for you?

This month's video is not strictly a reflective film, but one that we hope will spark ideas and thoughts of an innovative way to both raise capital for community ventures, but also to generate the involvement of the communities that you might be working with...


Community shares are a way to raise money by offering your community a chance to own shares in your organisation.


Community shares are usually about more than just profit - they work best for people who want to get involved and support a cause or a project they really care about – often because it has a positive social impact for the community it serves.


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No events to report currently. Watch this space.

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LcctLeeds Leeds Poverty Truth Commission, 2nd round got underway yesterday. Here's the What, Why, Who & How video https://t.co/dPZRweoFEi
LcctLeeds Poverty Truth - The What, Why, Who & How video https://t.co/dPZRweoFEi
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