LCCT started life in 2003 following a number of approaches to one of our founding trustees in his capacity as a solicitor for help in charity formation. Rather than seeing a proliferation of small charities each with its own back-office functions and set of trustees the suggestion was made to come together within a single charitable organisation, and hence LCCT was born with initiatives such as Leeds Youth Cell Network, Leeds Churches Together in Mission, Joanna, and Together for Peace being among the first projects involved.


Coupled with this desire to work together in order to share back-office functions, costs and a city-wide vision, was an outrageously generous offer of funding to help seed transformational initiatives in the city. This offer of seed funding was administered through LCCT with almost £2.4 million being given into the city over an 11 year period (The info graphic below shows where this money went, the larger the font the longer the length of funding).


funded orgs on green


In 2011 the trustees began to recognise that due to the size and growth of LCCT there were various tensions developing that if not addressed could become difficulties in the future. Following an extensive external evaluation, the trust embarked on process of reflection and change that resulted in reformulating LCCT to enable much greater participation and responsibility for member projects. The funding element of LCCTs previous work was passed onto a separate and much more ‘under-the-radar’ group in the city, and LCCT has been able to refocus on providing a space for people with dreams and visions for transformative action to come together to support one-another in their work in the city.


For more information on the history and development of LCCT see the chapter by Mike Love in Unity in Process: Reflections on Ecumenism, Edited by Clive Barrett, and published by Darton Longman and Todd Ltd in 2012.