Vision/ Mission / Values



We believe 'the people with the passion are the ones that make things happen'.

Through walking alongside inspiring leaders and volunteers in small community projects in Leeds, our aim is to see transformation in Leeds.


ConnectLCCT is a Christian charity rooted in the life and teaching of Jesus, seeking to work with people of all backgrounds who share our values of compassion, equality, hospitality, courage and hope. Our trustees are drawn from various Christian traditions, while project members can come from all faiths and none; what unites us is our desire to see a better Leeds where all can flourish and contribute to the wellbeing of our city!



The following statements are our current collective vision, mission and values statements, but please note that they are UNDER REVIEW at present.


The vision of LCCT is to see the transformation of Leeds


What this means:

We want to see our city and district of Leeds, and all within it, flourishing with freedom, justice and wholeness.


We want to see the positive transformation of...

  •     Relationships - with each other, with God, with the whole of creation
  •     Structures -  from where they oppress, dehumanise and perpetuate injustice to where they create freedom, wholeness and equality
  •     Values - bringing life to individuals and communities
  •     People - ourselves and others to be the people God intends  


We want to see these transformations in light of the person, life and good news of Christ Jesus.

The Mission of LCCT (UNDER REVIEW)

The mission of LCCT is to facilitate relationships which enable support, collaboration, development, learning and challenge for those involved in action and mission for the transformation of Leeds.


What this means:

  •     Pooling resources to support the work of projects
  •     Providing a structure for projects to pool resources and mutually support one another through the sharing of back-office functions.
  •     Facilitating mutual support between projects
  •     Facilitating opportunities for cross fertilisation, mutual support, and learning between people and projects working in mission in Leeds.
  •     Enabling a collective voice and action on issues of injustice in the city.




Our values come from who we are, what we have experienced, and the stories that have shaped us.  

Embodying our values underlies all our work and we consciously make an effort to reflect on them regularly when we meet. The Wordle below was produced through collating responses from one such conversation at an LCCT Assembly...