Reflective blog posts

26th February - Caring For Life January 2018 Megan Stanfield
25th February - ESOL in Harehills January 2018 Megan Stanfield
24th February - Food Aid Network January 2018 Megan Stanfield
23rd February - The Hunslet Initiative January 2018 Megan Stanfield
22nd February - Meeting Point January 2018 Megan Stanfield
21st February - Street Angels January 2018 Megan Stanfield
21st February - Festival Angels January 2018 Megan Stanfield
20th February - Leeds Homelessness Charter January 2018 Megan Stanfield
19th February - Leeds Citizens January 2018 Megan Stanfield
18th February- Dementia Friendly Roundhay January 2018 Megan Stanfield
18th February - Connecting Crossgates January 2018 Megan Stanfield
17th February - Leeds Street Pastors January 2018 Megan Stanfield
17th February - Leeds Church Institute January 2018 Megan Stanfield
16th February Leeds Dads January 2018 Megan Stanfield
15th February - Home for Good January 2018 Megan Stanfield
15th February - Leeds House of Prayer January 2018 Megan Stanfield
14th February (Ash Wednesday) - Pray for Leeds January 2018 Megan Stanfield
Breaking dependency and developing assets March 2016 Rhoda Wu
Community Shares - What are they, and how could they work for you? December 2015 Jonathan Dorsett
What does the Sabbath mean in Leeds? September 2015 Helen Reid
Hearing the Voice of Love September 2015 Jonathan Dorsett
Who says they are Voiceless - by Andrew Grinnell July 2015 Jonathan Dorsett
How useful is this email? June 2015 Jonathan Dorsett
Sharing Stories July 2014 Abbe Smith
Does my body look human in this? June 2014 Catherine Beaumont
Inequality and wellbeing in Leeds June 2014 Together for Peace
Space to be April 2014 Vanessa Brown
Austerity - A blessing in disguise? November 2013 Daniel Brown
Engaging the Powers: The UK Gold November 2013 LCCT
Some Food for Thought September 2013 Kathryn Fitzsimons
The Incomplete Activist September 2013 LCCT
Dig a Little Deeper June 2013 David Patterson
Testing our patience September 2012 Adrian Bryne
I come from... September 2012 LCCT
A sign of peace July 2012 Laura Gilchrist
A crude little life-saving station July 2012 LCCT
And The Walls Came Tumbling Down June 2012 James Dey
Shaped by Place June 2012 LCCT
Joy to the world March 2012 Vanessa Brown
Transformation through organising March 2012 LCCT
Strange Love February 2012 Mike Love
An Arranged Friendship February 2012 LCCT
God surprises Earth with Heaven December 2011 Angela Hughes
Surfing the Waves of Change December 2011 LCCT
Linking towards a Movement Video December 2011 LCCT
Generosity August 2011 Leeds Faith in Schools
Money, Mammon and Market Society May 2011 Phil Bee
Leeds City of Sanctuary April 2011 Tiffy Allen
Voices when you've been burgled March 2011 Andrew Grinnell
The Third Sector March 2011 Ann Nichol
The Last Age February 2011 Eileen Padmore
Sexual Exploitation February 2011 Hilary Willmer
The Arts and February 2011 Dan Brown
Diamonds in the Dark January 2011 Nicola Blake
Weird, or just different? January 2011 TED
Christian Mission November 2010 Andy Myers
City of Sanctuary November 2010 LCCT
Are Eccentrics a Dying Breed? November 2010 LCCT
Amazing Grace part 2 November 2010 LCCT
Values November 2010 Ann Nicholl
Amazing Grace November 2010 LCCT
Vulnerability November 2010 LCCT
Power and Love November 2010 Mike Love
Motivation November 2010 LCCT
Partnership November 2010 LCCT
Good Ideas November 2010 LCCT
Being Comfortable November 2010 LCCT
Lessons in Leadership November 2010 LCCT
Playing Chicken With Society November 2010 Jonathan Dorsett
Overcoming Adversity November 2010 LCCT
Patience February 2010 LCCT
10 rules for creating community February 2010 LCCT
Stillness February 2010 LCCT
Advent Conspiracy February 2010 LCCT
Collaborate (rather than compete) November 2009 LCCT
The Inner Journey November 2009 LCCT
Positive Disruption October 2009 LCCT
Re-humanising community development October 2009 LCCT
An Image of Jubilee September 2009 LCCT
The Recession and Volunteering September 2009 LCCT
Sabbath and reflection in community work August 2009 LCCT
The Tin Opener August 2009 LCCT