Associate Project, Congregational & Organisational Members

A boy creates a mural at a T4P event - T4P was incubated within LCCT before becoming its own charity in 2009. It is now an associate project of LCCT.As well as projects that legally fall under the charity number of LCCT, we also have numerous projects that connect with LCCT as Associate Projects or as Congregational members. While not having the legal structure, shared back-office functions or responsibilities as a Project Member, being an Associate Project or Congregation means you and your members can access LCCTs learning and networking opportunities such as one-off trainings, collaborative support sessions, and our timebanking and mentoring schemes. The experiences of your projects and communities can also contribute to others in the LCCT network through getting involved in areas such as mentoring and timebanking, and bringing you energies and interests to any collective action we take.


As with Individual members, there is no set fee for Associate Projects and Congregations. You decide how much you are able and willing to contribute and set the amount yourself. In doing this it is worth bearing in mind the cost of 10% of turnover to Member Projects, who obviously benefit from the legal structure, a degree of project development support, accounting and admin as well. Hence larger projects might like to consider making a larger contribution than smaller projects.


If your project or community would like to become an Associate Project or Congregation you can download a membership form here, together with a standing order form here, and return them to the LCCT office address included.