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How useful is this email?

lcctgraphicI often find my inbox cluttered up with 'junk' emails from lots of different organisations - websites I visited once and inadvertently got added to their mailing list, or companies I once bought something from who now think I need a new dishwasher every other week.


The other day when Rhoda and I were talking about the revamp of the LCCT website and the new format for the LCCT Project Development Email we began to wonder how useful the email was to the people it is sent to? Is it another bulk email that gets immediately deleted along with the offers of large sums of cash from the daughter-in-law of the former manager of an international bank in Lagos? or does it contain resources that help you to reflect on your work and calling in the city, and information to make that a reality?



Rather than blindly continue to pump out emails in the same format, (all be it rather sporadically), we thought we would take the opportunity of this change of 'look' to review the content of these Project Development Emails. We've therefore set up a short survey online and we would really appreciate your help in our review by filling this in. As a thank you and way to entice you to do this, all completed questionnaires will be entered into a draw, and I (Jon) will bake a cake for the winner (you can even select what type of cake you would like on the last question).


If you can find the few minutes to fill in the questionnaire for us it is available at this link your help in this and ideas for how our information and resource sharing can be improved would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


P.S. assuming we do continue with these emails, normal reflective blog service will resume next issue!

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