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31st March - Leeds Poverty Truth Commission

lptcOn 2nd February 2018, Leeds Poverty Truth Commission (LPTC) launched its Humanifesto. Its message is that poverty dehumanises. It’s not just the constant struggle to buy enough food to feed the kids, or having to walk everywhere because you can’t afford the bus fare. What really grinds people experiencing poverty down is the way others perceive you. It makes you feel sub-human.


Humanifesto goes further by claiming poverty dehumanises us all. Leeds is an affluent city in a rich nation yet nearly one in five children grow up in poverty. Their presence reminds us that not everything is ‘right’ in our city and that there is much to do.

LPTC is deeply grateful for all the commissioners, those who experience poverty and civic and business leaders, who have given their time and energy to develop Humanifesto.


Please pray that their work makes an impact on the organisations and citizens of Leeds; that we would all seek to make Leeds a more humane city.


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