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Sun 1st April - Easter Sunday

‘Easter says to us that despite everything to the contrary,

his will for us will prevail;

love will prevail over hate,

justice over injustice,

peace over exploitation and bitterness.’

Desmond Tutu


These wise words from the well-respected Archbishop Desmond Tutu, gives us pause for thought. It would be simple to say yes, of course, love justice and peace will prevail, as we remember the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross on Good Friday and then the joyous resurrection on Easter Sunday, bringing new life into the world.


But can we just assume that without our efforts ‘all will be well and all will be very well’?


Perhaps not. If we look through the many contributions to this 2018 Leeds Prayer Diary, it is clear that huge efforts are being made by so many in our Leeds community to make the words of Desmond Tutu come true.


The projects we read about are inspired by the actions of Jesus, as he came into the world as one of us, as a human, to guide, to teach and to lead the people into the ways of God. The people of that day flocked to him, they listened to his words and tried to make a difference as Jesus encouraged them to do: ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you’ (Luke 6:31).


Can we too listen to the words of Jesus and do his will? Demands are made on us, there are expectations that we need to make our society one in which there is justice for all, that no one needs to feel that they are excluded or ‘lesser citizens’. Yet this is a major demand and one when we will often have to cast aside our own selfish needs and focus clearly on the needs of others


To help us in these tasks, there is God's support and aid at out fingertips, if we only have that faith that R.S Thomas writes of in his poem 'The Kingdom’.


The kingdom is a long way off but to get

there takes no time and admission

is free, if you will purge yourself

of desire, and present yourself with

your need only and the simple offering

of your faith, green as a leaf.’


Written by Ann Nicholl, LCCT member


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