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Welcome to the LCCT blog.


Members and friends of LCCT are regularly invited to write short reflective pieces on their work, mission, vocation and life in the city. These blog entries are sent out with our regular Project Development News and are recorded here for posterity.



Community Shares - What are they, and how could they work for you?

videoimage2This month's video is not strictly a reflective film, but one that we hope will spark ideas and thoughts of an innovative way to both raise capital for community ventures, but also to generate the involvement of the communities that you might be working with...


Community shares are a way to raise money by offering your community a chance to own shares in your organisation.


Community shares are usually about more than just profit - they work best for people who want to get involved and support a cause or a project they really care about – often because it has a positive social impact for the community it serves.


Hearing the Voice of Love

videoimage3How do we do good better? How do we create transformation in the places that most need it? How do we join in with the work of God for a better world?


We start by knowing that we are loved. Not for who what we own, what we do, or for popularity, but simiply for who we are in God. If our activism is driven by anxiety led motivations, we will project those anxieties onto the people and projects with which we are involved.


This video from The Gravity Centre is a reminder that centring ourselves in Gods love, and loving ourselves is formost to being able to join in with God's work.


Who says they are Voiceless - by Andrew Grinnell

povertytruthAt the end of June, the Leeds Poverty Truth Challenge held it's Closing Event at Leeds Civic Hall. Over the past two years the project has brought together testifiers who have expereinced poverty first hand with civic and buisness leaders who's decisions can effect those facing poverty. In a recent blog one of the facilitators of Leeds Poverty Truth Challenge, Andrew Grinnell, relfects on the expereince and some of the theological underpinnings for helping to make it happen...


How useful is this email?

lcctgraphicI often find my inbox cluttered up with 'junk' emails from lots of different organisations - websites I visited once and inadvertently got added to their mailing list, or companies I once bought something from who now think I need a new dishwasher every other week.


The other day when Rhoda and I were talking about the revamp of the LCCT website and the new format for the LCCT Project Development Email we began to wonder how useful the email was to the people it is sent to? Is it another bulk email that gets immediately deleted along with the offers of large sums of cash from the daughter-in-law of the former manager of an international bank in Lagos? or does it contain resources that help you to reflect on your work and calling in the city, and information to make that a reality?


Sharing Stories

StoryOur project, Salama Leeds, has grown out of people's stories of recovery from self-harm & eating disorders. Stories that involve hurt, pain, challenge, brokenness, addiction, and stories that involve recovery and freedom. Stories of people's journeys, stories where people have been restored.

Does my body look human in this?

663948Recently, after much prayer, I was delivered from the tyranny that Rene Girard refers to as "the slenderness imperative". Since then, I have been more able to observe just how much our culture is enslaved by Western dogma

Inequality and wellbeing in Leeds

Outside of London, Leeds is the most unequal city in the UK. This new In One City film from Together for Peace and Lippy Films explores the relationship of inequality and wellbeing on the people of the city with powerful testimonies of experience.

Space to be


The debate over longer school hours and testing at 4 has been a hot topic in the last month or so. While the adults argue it out in Whitehall and via social media, our young people are grappling with

Austerity - A blessing in disguise?

618006I've worked in the arts for the past decade and I've never had much money. Nor have any of the artists I've worked with. I've created a world in Left Bank, pushed a sailing dinghy around Yorkshire and built a construction site in Leeds Minster - all on shoestring budgets.

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