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Welcome to the LCCT blog.


Members and friends of LCCT are regularly invited to write short reflective pieces on their work, mission, vocation and life in the city. These blog entries are sent out with our regular Project Development News and are recorded here for posterity.



Engaging the Powers: The UK Gold

A new film is being released that follows the story of a Vicar in Hackney as he attempts to engage the powers at the heart of the City of London. This story exposes the murky side of the City as a tax haven for global corporations,

Some Food for Thought

609952Over the last 18 months I have been working with a small group of people to harness and use the generosity of Christians in Leeds to stop families going hungry. Leeds Foodbank has been set up using the Trussell Trust model

The Incomplete Activist

'Activists show people things they would rather not see', so begins this short video reflecting on the experience of being an activist. How can we better cultivate outrage, nurture hope, and seek root changes in cultural moralities while also being kind to ourselves?

Dig a Little Deeper

592232I recently took a trip to Filey on a day out with my church. Half expecting the rain to come down intermittently throughout the day, I found myself pleasantly surprised with the beautiful weather we had and the tranquillity that one could find at this East Coast seaside town. The day reminded me of times that I spent as a child on the beach during previous summers.

Testing our patience

384110 dont lose your patienceShortly after I moved to Leeds four years ago, I heard a sermon that particularly challenged me. The speaker was essentially asking the question, "If someone seeking after God were to spend 24 hours a day with you for a week, would they see an example of godly living that you would be happy for them to imitate?" I had to confess to myself that although I had been a Christian for a number of years, there were still many areas of my life that I was not proud of and that I certainly wouldn't want to be put forward as a model!

I come from...

In this poetic/ musical/ visual treat from the film We Are Poets, Leeds Young Author's Joseph Buckley plays on what and where he comes from... This opening section of the film was recently aired on Channel 4's 'Random Acts'.

A sign of peace

The third of our blog posts on the 'Fruits of the Spirit' is on the fruit of 'Peace', and comes from a friend of LCCT, Laura Gilchrist, who runs the Manchester based mediation and training service Peacebuilders...

Shaped by Place

How much do we think we shape a place? How much do the spaces we inhabit shape us? If our surroundings contribute to making us who we are, what then for our responsibilty in creating those spaces? The following video from the Parish Collective reflects on these questions with a view to Mission and the Church...

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