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Welcome to the LCCT blog.


Members and friends of LCCT are regularly invited to write short reflective pieces on their work, mission, vocation and life in the city. These blog entries are sent out with our regular Project Development News and are recorded here for posterity.



Transformation through organising

Community Organising is a discipline developed in Chicago in the 1930's that is now practised in, (and transforming), communities across the world.

This documentary shows the transforming effect Community Organising can have in an area, on issues, on relationships and for the individuals involved.

Strange Love

Inspired by friends in Manchester, over the next nine months the LCCT blog is going to contain various friends of LCCT reflecting on the Fruits of the Spirit in relation to mission in Leeds. The first of the Fruits is Love (Galatians 5: 22-23). In the blog below Mike Love from Together for Peace reflects on Love in the public sphere...

An Arranged Friendship

This video was filmed at a recent BettaKultcha in Leeds. BettaKultcha is an evening of short presentations accompanied by a slide show of images with audience members able to have 5 minutes to talk about pretty much whatever they want. This film is a moving 5 minute presentation by Emma Sutton about an experience and relationship that began through volunteering...

God surprises Earth with Heaven

478602Last July our family received an invitation to attend the dedication of the memorial which has been erected in the gardens of the Natural History Museum in London. A large block of granite which has been inscribed with the names of the 151 British citizens who lost their lives – unexpectedly and tragically - in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Our younger son, Jonathan, was among those who died.

Surfing the Waves of Change

This Surfing the Waves of Change animation below explores the idea of community resilience. Using the metaphor of a surfer to explain how communities can make themselves more resilient in these changing times, the film explore the different elements that could lead to more resiliance for our communities.


This month's blog entry comes from the Leeds Faith in Schools team who, istead of a written entry, have created a short video to help us reflect on the theme of generosity.

Money, Mammon and Market Society

423155At the height of the financial crisis two years ago, Gordon Brown declared that "markets need morals". Of course, our former Prime Minister will understand his own words as paradoxical. Adam Smith's "invisible hand of the market" is amoral; how could it be anything else? It was not, for instance, the market that generated financial meltdown, it was people - profiteering players in the banking sector; lax overlords at the FSA and Bank of England; and reckless borrowers like you and me. We together shaped a money mélange which has still to settle into some sort of economic order.

Leeds City of Sanctuary

416174The Journey Begins


The evening of Thursday 11th November 2010 saw hundreds of people from all walks of life unite to mark the launch of our aim for Leeds to become a City of Sanctuary.

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