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Welcome to the LCCT blog.


Members and friends of LCCT are regularly invited to write short reflective pieces on their work, mission, vocation and life in the city. These blog entries are sent out with our regular Project Development News and are recorded here for posterity.



Voices when you've been burgled

406100In the minutes after you've discovered that you have been burgled you are in automatic sort out mode. You comb the house to discover what has gone and what has been left. Then, once you've secured the property the voices start. These voices are both imagined and real, internal and external, reactionary and reasoned. They are voices of fear and peace, hope and despair, trust and suspicion.

The Third Sector

359012I am on management committees and a trustee of a variety of voluntary organisations throughout our City of Leeds – it is a worthwhile and energising task, but over the past few months it is clear that so many of the Third Sector organisations are struggling due to lack of funds.

The Last Age

382057As one of the recently retired I find myself enjoying life, with plenty of fascinating activities on the radar. No doubt at some future date I will need to register the implications of advancing years - but not yet.

Sexual Exploitation

390123"We talk of international trafficking. We are not saying we should not do anything about that. But look here, they are passing these children from gang to gang just like they are doing with girls brought from abroad." Parent speaking to CROP worker

In 1995 Fiona was murdered in Sheffield.

The Arts and

390132Working in the arts gives an amazing opportunity to dig below surface appearance. Those who spend their time creating images, performances or writings often do so because they are natural questioners – those interested in digging into life, in exploring meaning, pushing past facades, seeking truth, honesty and connection with others. Language is the vessel through which this transaction happens, whether the language is visual, physical, spoken or written. It is the bridge across which we step and invite communion.

Diamonds in the Dark

382047"Diamonds in the dark", that is what I like to call some people I know. Maybe you even know some of them yourself. Don't look for them at the office party though, because they most probably will not be there. Still, it is highly possible you will come across these people and see them more like dark than diamond. "Why is that you might ask?" Well they have another title attributed to them which does not sparkle and shine like mine. Yes it's the socially excluded.

Christian Mission

I try to keep before me what seems essential in our Anglican missiology at present: God is missionary and has a church- not as many have traditionally thought that God wants the church to be on occasion missionary. In the words of a song sung many time at Kidz Klub; "Our God is a great Big God"- he is at work not only inside the established churches but very much alive (and kicking!!) outside of them.

City of Sanctuary

This is a film about the City of Sanctuary movement, a network of collaborative organisations springing up in localities right across the UK that are looking to make our towns and cities welcoming places for people seeking sanctuary in the UK.

Are Eccentrics a Dying Breed?

Last week I heard the veteran Christian socialist Ken Leech reminiscing about his ministry in the east end of London.


He made a comment that has left me thinking: he reckoned that the eccentrics in the church are a dying breed.

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