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Welcome to the LCCT blog.


Members and friends of LCCT are regularly invited to write short reflective pieces on their work, mission, vocation and life in the city. These blog entries are sent out with our regular Project Development News and are recorded here for posterity.



Playing Chicken With Society

304997This post is from Jonathan Dorsett, of LCCT project Peace School, and is taken from the lastest Peace School newsletter. It discusses the subject of income inequality, and argues why the pursuit of greater financial equality is an integral part of Christian mission...

Overcoming Adversity

You may have seen this video before... it has done the rounds on e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and the like. Even if you have though, it's perhaps worth watching again. It's a news report from the US about a young person with autism, who dreamed of playing for his school basketball team...


299133During our recent snows I heard a very telling story about the differing responses of Western explorers and native Inuits to being caught out in snowstorms in the Canadian arctic. A common Western response when trapped by a blizzard is to face the elements head-on and battle through the storm trying to reach their intended destination.

10 rules for creating community

This is the first in a series of videos from community builder Margaret Wheatley that explore some principles to bear in mind when attempting to build community. Visually perhaps a little less interesting than our usual fare on the LCCT blog, but content-wise some extremely sharp insights...


288464I've just read Kahlil Gibran's 'The Prophet' (read a preview here) – a timeless little book of wisdom. I found reading it quite a profound experience, of new stillness and grounded-ness. And I realised how little stillness, how little grounded-ness there is around.

Collaborate (rather than compete)

God is outworking his mission in Leeds in a vast array of ways every single day. Sometimes His requirement for us is not to set up distinct projects in His name, but to get outside of our boxes and find the people He is working through already.

The Inner Journey

275584I enjoy going on journeys – visiting new places, meeting new people, learning new things. Earlier this year I had the privilege of spending time with a Christian community that have been innovating new ideas, initiatives and projects for over half a century. On the last day I visited their job placement scheme.

Positive Disruption

We all have times when life seems to wash over us without making us think about or reassess where we're going. Sometimes there's nothing as powerful as art in disrupting us out of our fixed mindsets.

Re-humanising community development

266399It was the first week on the job. A brand new project staffed by a brand new team of community activists, all eager to make a real difference to the people they'd be engaging with. Day one brings the obligatory team building fun – making rafts, climbing walls and other such useful exercises, instructed by a David Brent-like figure who genuinely believes the cliché-ridden advice he's spouting.

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